Don’t Let the Sun Come Up on Me: Dracula in a Time of Climate Change


The Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre presents…

Don’t Let the Sun Come Up on Me: Dracula in a Time of Climate Change

Vampires are rarely confronted with the question of their own mortality. But with rivers rising, ice caps melting and blood becoming ever more toxic, Dracula is faced with a dilemma: if the humans he feeds on go extinct, what happens to vampires? A play about bloodsucking, existential torment, the perils of activism and the end of the world.

a staged reading of the play is happening as part of the 2007 inFRINGEment festival

Friday June 22nd, 8:30pm
Saturday June 23rd, 9pm

at the CTRL Lab, 3634 St-Laurent

pay what you can


Written by Matt Jones

Starring: Scott Kettles, Sibel Ataogul, Alan Heillig, Peggy Ferguson, Philippe Lapointe-Lévis, Paul Beaulieu

Live soundscape by Matt Jones and his Experimental Orchestra of One

Tech: James Douglas

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One comment

  1. Renegade Eye · April 30, 2008

    Not only does politics attract bloodsuckers, it attracts psychic vampires, who thrive on emotional anarchy.

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