Dracula cast pictures

Drac & Mina scary (lo-res)

Mina (Sibel A.) and Dracula (Scott Kettles)

Renfield (Susanna Jones)

Renfield (Susanna Jones)

Lucy (Cassandra Wittman)

Lucy (Cassandra Wittman)

Jo (Chastity Castro)

Jo (Chastity Castro)

Dracula (Scott Kettles), Vampiresses (Dead Dolls Dancers)

Dracula (Scott Kettles) and vampiresses (The Dead Dolls Dancers)

twilight pose (lo-res)

Dracula (Scott Kettles) and Mina (Sibel A.)

Radina (lo-res)

Radina Klempf (Caroline Fournier)

Flo (lo-res)

Flo (Elana Gale)

All photos taken by Susanna R. Jones


One comment

  1. Johnny · July 4, 2009

    Saw it at the Fringe Festival in TO, loved it

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