Death Clowns in Guantanamo Bay

death clowns poster

Once upon a time in Guantánamo Bay, three men were found dead in their prison cells. How did they die? Two clowns take a skewed look into the legal black hole that is the Guantánamo Bay prison camp but find themselves faced with a series of obstacles that make it impossible to find out what happened. Death Clowns in Guantánamo Bay is a play about torture, death and the impossible necessity of communicating suffering across distance and cultures. Using mannequin doubles, readymade sculptures, morbid clowning, a singing SWAT-team chorus and gallows humour, the play asks audiences to look at life in the camp in a darkly ludic and dreamlike manner.

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Performance time is 60 minutes plus a 20-minute “inspection period” during which the audience may peruse the set and look for secrets. Android users can participate in the enhanced environment.

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Seating is extremely limited: please reserve early!

Tickets $10. BOX OFFICE: 416.978.7986 |

March 21-24, 2013

Thursday 8pm (SOLD OUT!)

Friday 8pm (SOLD OUT!)

Saturday 8pm (SOLD OUT!)

Sunday 2pm (pay what you can) (SOLD OUT!)

Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto

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Death Clowns in Guantanamo Bay is a collaborative creation by various cells of the Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre:

Click here for complete cast and crew bios

Dictator: Matt Jones

Puppet Master: Ashley Williamson

Politburo: Matt Jones, Natalia Esling, Myrto Koumarianos, Allison Leadley


Lesley Robertson: Karol

Christine Mazumdar: Olek

Audrey Amar: Detainee, Guard, Doctor

Alan Belerique: Detainee, Guard, Extreme Pain Squad

Rob Bril: Detainee, Guard, Extreme Pain Squad

Alex Contreras: Detainee, Guard, Extreme Pain Squad, Doctor

Kaitlin Heller: Detainee, Guard, Head Doctor, Military Censor

Ula Jurecki: Detainee, Guard, Doctor

Myrto Koumarianos: Detainee, Guard, Chanteuse

Grace Poltrack: Detainee, Guard, Sleep Fairy, Doctor, Psychiatrist

Anna-Marija Stojic: Detainee, Guard

Peter van Wart: Detainee, Guard, Extreme Pain Squad, Doctor, Interrogator

Matt Jones: The Director

Pupeteer: Natalia Esling

Ventriloquist: Lauren Shepherd

Readymades Cell: Jenn Cole (Set Designer), Laura Lucci (Master Builder), Annie Crowley, Gina Brintnell, Paul Stoesser (Technical Director)

Uniformity Cell: Martine Plourde (Costume Designer), Lisa Aikman, Milica Zugik (Makeup), Cassandra Witteman (Hat Maker)

Hacker Cell: Ashley Williamson, Ghassan Knayzeh, Ergin Babani, Sam Cole

Clown Minstrel Cell: David Jones, Robin Jones

Propaganda Cell: Cameron Crookston, Louis Duarte
(Poster design), Luella Massey (Publicist)

Lighting: Alain Richer

Violence: Dorian Foley

Surveillance: Isabel Stowell-Kaplan (Pre-show Cast Photography), Montgomery Martin (Video Archiving), Nika Jaksic (Dress Rehearsal Cast Photography)

Manipulators: Allison Leadley, Nathaniel Bryan

Central Committee: Johanna Lawrie (Production Manager), Catie Thompson (Stage Manager), Isabel Stowell-Kaplan (Assistant Stage Manager), Lauren Shepherd (Assistant Stage Manager), Matt Jones


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