Dracula in a Time of Climate Change (2009)

With rivers rising, ice caps melting and blood becoming ever more toxic, Dracula is faced with a dilemma: if the humans he feeds on go extinct, what happens to vampires? A play about love, bloodsucking, the perils of activism and the end of the world.

a play by Matt Jones

starring: Scott Kettles, Sibel A, Susanna Jones, Elana Gale, Caroline Fournier, Cassandra Witteman, Chastity Castro, Harry Fox, Dan Fox  and the Dead Doll Dancers

cast pictures

Stage Manager, Graphic Design: Corinna Howard

Art by David Jones and Adam David, videos by Arshad Khan

Music by the Transylvanian Blooddrinking Orchestra

Montreal Fringe Festival 2009

Toronto Fringe Festival 2009

Click here for photos!

Praise for Dracula in a Time of Climate Change:

Eye Weekly: “A whole bunch of bloody good one-liners and winning performances by Scott Kettles as Dracula and, especially, Susanna Jones as his Igor-like henchman Renfield.”

The Torontoist: “Best Pint-Sized Scene-Stealer: Susanna Jones in her perfect portrayal of Renfield in Dracula in a Time of Climate Change. This girl needs a show of her own.”

Ryerson Free Press: “Dracula In a Time of Climate Change is a fun story, with an excellent script, but is really held together by Dracula’s hilarious fish-out-of-water act, stunning one liners and multiple impaling references.”

Driven Magazine: “intriguing… the perfect combination of Bram Stoker and Al Gore”

Without Annette: “Music & multimedia add nice depth to a show that, thanks to Dracula’s dry wit and unfaltering accent and Renfield’s mugging and physical comedy, is funny and enjoyable.”

Peanutfish productions: “If you’re reading this in Toronto, you’ve just got to go and see this show, and that’s all there is to it.”

Salgood Sam’s Work Diary: “a very entertaining vaudevillian romp with silly dance sequences and all. Scott Kettles as Dracula is dead on dead pan; Susanna Jones as Renfield is a scene stealer”… “the story is snappy and silly timely satire”

next project: Rob Ford and the Mysterious Case of the Flying Anarchist 

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